SEO 101

What is SEO and why is it so important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website to increase its organic rankings in Google’s SERP.

There are quite a few reasons our clients have worked with us when it comes to running an SEO campaign. Let’s look at some of the benefits!

Organic Ranking Increase

When executed properly, SEO helps boost your websites overall organic rankings.

Combined with a well thought out strategy to determine high value keywords, you can obtain a natural and passive stream of valuable traffic from Google.

Competitive Edge

Some of our clients have opted in for a "guns blazing approach". In essence, this means a global marketing initiative that covers PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, and SEO.

The thing that's great about Google's current algorithms, is that typically these different initiatives work in tandem, kind of lifting each other up. It's not uncommon to see clients monopolize the front page of Google via Ads and organic results after a campaign has been running long enough on the right keywords.

Brand Awareness

When an SEO campaign is conducted in the proper manner and you put yourself in your consumers eyes as an organic result, it subconsciously builds trust with you and the potential consumer.

They'll see you have a naturally high position on the SERP for exactly what they are looking for and think "Hm, well if Google thinks it's good, then it must be!"

In the back of their mind, they'll associate you with being an authority in your industry, someone who's been around for ages and is good at what they do.

(Fun fact: This effect compounds when you integrate remarketing campaigns through PPC! Not only are you a high authority in your industry, but you're all they see no matter what page they go to! Learn more about our E-Commerce Remarketing Services.)

Basic Types of SEO

What types of SEO are there?

On-Site SEO

Mainly compromising of keyword focused adjustments to specific HTML tags and Content, this is typically what you would adjust first to establish a foundation for further campaigns. The main purpose of this is to make your site both appealing to Google and Consumers.


External links to your site are a way to show Google you are an authority in your space. With references to your site with an appropriate anchor from a leader in your industry, Google will assume you are a valuable resource for people when searching for targeted keywords.

Content Writing

Typically in a blog format, writing quality content on your site that is relevant to your niche is extremely important. Every time Google's crawlers come visit your site and see new content, their algorithm will index it and re-evaluate your current ranking positions. Over time this will have a compounding effect, as Google wants to show sites with quality content that people want to share.

Our Services

What Kind of SEO Services Do We Offer?

Keyword Optimization

Extensive keyword research & content scraping to show on the terms you need most

Creative Monthly Blogs

Our team of experts creates engaging, keyword rich blogs to help drive traffic & sales

Link-Building Services

Backlinking on reliable sites to leverage your business' online credibility

Website Audit

An in-depth analysis to determine overall brand strength and marketing strategy

Content Optimization

Relevant updates to all header tags, title tags, meta tags, and more

Competitor Analysis

Intensive study of your competitors to identify valuable opportunities

How are your rankings?

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    Flexible Pricing Packages

    5 Pages On-Site
    5 Pages On-Site

    $ 749

    One Time

    • Extensive Keyword Research
    • Comprehensive Competitive Analysis
    • Content Optimization
    • Header Tags
    • Title Tags
    • Meta Description
    • Image Alt Tags
    • Schema Included
    Dedicated Slack channel*
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    10 Pages On-Site
    10 Pages On-Site

    $ 1,499

    One Time

    • Extensive Keyword Research
    • Comprehensive Competitive Analysis
    • Content Optimization
    • Header Tags
    • Title Tags
    • Meta Description
    • Image Alt Tags
    • Schema Included
    Dedicated Slack channel*
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    SEO Campaign
    SEO Campaign

    $ 999

    Monthly Package

    • Includes 3 Pages of On Site
    • Comprehensive Competitive Analysis
    • One High Quality (DA 50+) Backlink
    • One Keyword Rich Blog
    • Extensive Keyword Research
    Dedicated Slack channel*
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    *up to 3 Slack channel guests

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    "These guys have truly made life as a business owner so much easier. The amount of success we've been seeing ever since they've taken charge of our google ads has blown us away."
    Nate Strager
    Rhythms Dance Studio & Event Center - Las Vegas
    "This team has really shown me what is truly possible with the Google Ads platform. Before, it was something we didn't focus too much on, just a campaign with a small monthly budget that would bring a few leads here and there. After working with Niche & Leads, we've filled our calendar into next year and are looking to scale into a larger operation."
    Stacy and George
    Gadaboat - Antigua Sailing
    "Niche&Leads has been a fantastic company to work with from the very beginning. Impeccable focus to detail and incredible results."
    Dr. Leslie Mesen
    Stem Cell Transfer Institute - Costa Rica

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