Bundle Package

Effectively executing a solid marketing strategy as a single entrepreneur is one of the more difficult experiences when trying to succeed online. Gone are the days of wearing every hat.

Our goal is to provide a door to innovation that leads to further organization and traction. The early days to any business are difficult, but its compounded when you’re on your own. Our team will help cover the gaps in any marketing strategy based on your goals and needs.

One Squeeze Page

If you’re not creating engaging newsletters, then you’re not reaching the potential you could be. Our team's campaigns can help you capitalize on traffic you may have once thought would never convert. 

One Social Ads Campaign

Build your brand's audience and capitalize on your prospective audience through re-marketing and passive consumer habits. Our team will also audit your business's current social profiles and optimize them.

One Google Ads Campaign

With our team's unique account structuring, we will effectively utilize the Google Ads platform forget about your competition and drive targeted traffic with intent to convert, right into your funnel.

One Blogging Campaign

Providing informative content on a consistent basis is essential to growing as a brand. Our SEO team will curate unique and informative written content to help you build authority in your industry and in Google's eyes.

Inform and Sell

Widen the Top Level
of your Funnel

Capitalize on the search volume for informative searches in your industry.

Our SEO team will find the most valuable long tail search queries and questions asked by your target audience, and capitalize with monthly blogs focused on driving traffic and building authority in your industry.

Utilize the power of the data afforded to teams like ours via Facebook and Instagram. Our team will build a look-alike audience to target, as well as remarket to previous visitors with strategic visual ad campaigns.

Transform passive leads into hot prospects looking to convert.


Capitalize on Active Intent

Passive + Active Campaigns = Exponential Growth

Utilizing PPC campaigns in tandem with passive blogging and social media campaigns is a great way to capitalize on both intent oriented searches as well as information oriented consumers to create a well oiled funnel.   


The Process

How does it work?

Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Page

Our Google Ads and Social Media campaigns will drive traffic that is relevant to your niche, while focused on outclassing your competition for a fraction of their CPC.

Grow Organically

In tandem with targeting consumers with our paid campaigns, our teams organic efforts will build an industry authority that over time will develop a separate stream of revenue.

Upsell and Retarget

Maximize the utility of your data.
Our campaigns will create additional audiences for you to market to. Build a list of targeted prospects and funnel them to new and existing offers.

Solo-Prenuer Package
Solo-Prenuer Package

$ 899

Monthly Package

  • Fully Built Landing Page + Custom Sales Copy
    (Excluding domain/hosting/platform costs)
  • One Custom Built Google Ads Search + Shopping Campaigns
  • One Custom Built Facebook + Instagram Campaign
  • One 1,000 Word Keyword Rich Blog
  • Dedicated Slack channel*
6 Month Minimum Term Length
Get Started

Getting Started

Having a combination of both a solid strategy and team behind you when it comes to digital marketing is essential in today’s day and age. With our bundles packages, we provide a solution to an ever growing need in our market that addresses this.

Ready to get started?

*up to 3 Slack channel guests