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It pays to pay attention in B2B Marketing

The first thing to do when looking to improve your B2B Marketing is to think of the next business you would like to do business with. Find one, go after them and close the deal. Niche and Leads takes a customer-centric approach to B2B marketing.

Do you want traffic? Great! We know how to get it.

You could really speed up traffic growth if your blog was found on the first page of search results. 

Mijael Elenes and Tyler “The Pooch” – Areli have written a great book that finally breaks through all the jargon and focuses on the essential stuff that marketers need to know about B2B marketing today. Which basically depicts a talk about how to come up with better ideas in B2B marketing, and what you should consider while approaching your target audience.

Remember the basics: “Without customers, you have no business”. Why is it often the marketer who has the responsibility of seeking out businesses that are most likely to buy, while placing the salesman in the role of welcoming the customer inbound to the organization? 

What is B2B Marketing? B2B Marketing is the practice of identifying and addressing the unique and specific needs of Business to Business Customers, also referred to as B2B.


Tristan Burke

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